Presenting the Frank Sinatra Tribute
CD by Monty Aidem

Frank sinatra tribute CD

Some Special Favorites is a loving tribute to Frank Sinatra with 15 songs from throughout his career. Included are both ballads and up-tempo numbers, and there are even two songs in the Bossa Nova style inspired by the unique Sinatra collaboration with Brazilian artist Antonio Carlos Jobim. My very favorite in the collection? Well, that's hard to say but I guess I'm kind of partial to a lesser-known ballad called I Had the Craziest Dream.

I hope my favorites are among the songs you know and love. And if the album introduces you to some Sinatra songs you didn't know, I hope they become favorites of yours too. Listen to a sample of each song below.

Stay healthy and safe.

With each CD, receive two official Frank Sinatra postage stamps, issued in 2008, collectible, brand new and unused. Keep one and mail one to a Sinatra fan.

If using as postage, add an additional 13 cents for a standard envelope.

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Use the player below to hear a sample of every song on the CD

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